The nine-step process for pouring a replacement concrete driveway.

Watch our experienced crew transform a crumbling, one-car driveway into the new neighborhood standard.

Step 1

Remove and haul

Step one: out with the old. Using a skid-steer loader, we carefully take apart your existing driveway and haul all debris to the nearest construction waste management site.

Step 2

Grade to desired height

Preparation is critical. Using shovels and the skid-steer loader, we remove soil until the base of the driveway is at the proper depth.

Step 3

Place the forms

With the shape of the driveway carved out of the soil, next come the forms. Forms hold wet concrete in place while it hardens. Some forms are assembled above the ground while others require digging.

Set the forms

Step 4

Place rock substrate

To achieve maximum strength, it's important to pour concrete on a solid, compacted surface. That's why we spread dime-sized gravel between the forms and compact it with a plate compactor.

Step 5

Place steel reinforcement

To prevent concrete slabs from cracking prematurely, the base is reinforced with half-inch, steel rebar laid in a lattice pattern.

Steel reinforcement

Step 6

Pour the concrete

If timed properly, concrete mixing trucks arrive just as steel reinforcement is finished. As the concrete is being poured, we screed the top with a long board to remove excess material, level the surface and maintain the desired height.

Step 7

Control joints, troweling and edging

Control joints allow concrete to move during the curing process and extreme temperatures changes, preventing noticeable cracks. At the same time, trowels are used to smooth and compact the surface while edgers provide a framed and finished look. After the surface has been troweled, the surface is brushed with a long broom to add uniform texture.

Step 8

Protective seal with curing compound

When finishing work is complete, the concrete surface is lightly sprayed with a combination sealing and curing compound, protecting the driveway and accelerating hardening.


Step 9

Pull the frames and clean

When the concrete is hard enough to retain its shape, the frames are removed and excess dirt is backfilled along the edges. Then it's cleanup time. And because we're careful not to disrupt areas around the driveway, we leave your home the way we found it. That is, except the beautiful, new driveway.

Remove forms